Welcome to Bloc+Music. This is the home of the small record label that was born from within the noisy, aromatic depths of BLOC+, the DIY venue and independent restaurant/bar in Glasgow. We aim to bring you the best of  DIY music from Scotland and beyond in an open, transparent and ethical way.

Put simply, there is no elitist, cliquey selection process when it comes to our roster. Nor are we trying to find “the next big thing” since the label is entirely not-for-profit. If we feel that an act or artist is at a stage in their development where they deserve to reach a bigger audience, we will do our damnedest to provide advice, support and a platform to make that a reality.

One key difference is that the groups and musicians we work with are not signed to the label in any restrictive fashion. We join forces on a project-byproject basis and this means that, if a larger label or deal comes along, they have the choice to take this opportunity. Indeed, if it is what they want, we encourage it!

It also means that the acts maintain all the rights to their works. We simply all get together, agree on a plan of how we want to release the record and how much the act wants to spend, then work out the most efficient and sustainable way for them to gradually repay the costs (usually including a series of gigs at a generous rate which immediately reduces the amount of money they owe). Once the balance hits zero, they are free to do whatever they like with the remainder of merchandise and either re-press with us or even rerelease the recording on another label if someone else wants to get involved.

We simply offer the framework, contacts and capital to enable them to release something truly representative of their abilities, using our experience to guide them through the maze of PR, touring, mastering and much more. This is a sure fire way for these musicians put out physical/digital releases, gain significant press and pursue their artistic lives rather than be indebted to ‘the man’.

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